Sample Integrations

In this section we will periodically post how-to’s for connecting the Carvoyant platform to other systems.

All of these integrations will use the Carvoyant Sandbox environment. They all expect that the developer has created a Developer account, a Sandbox API key and a Carvoyant Sandbox User Account (with a vehicle on it). Instructions for getting started can be found here. Please be sure that your Sandbox environment is configured properly and that you are able to make API calls against the Carvoyant account. is a secure Cloud based platform for implementing the back-end of IoT applications. It provides developers and development teams with a web IDE that integrates with code repositories, and a wide range of native APIs, SDKs and connectors that dramatically simplify development and reduce time to market. also takes care of your application’s infrastructure needs such as security, scalability and reliability. In addition, developers can get access to enterprise connectors through’s partners such as The team has prepared a tutorial for building Carvoyant applications on the platform. You can view the tutorial here.


This example integration will add your Carvoyant enabled vehicles to your SmartThings setup. You will be able to integrate your vehicles presence as well as it’s ignition state into your smart home configuration. View the how-to here.

This example integration will use Vehicle location Event Subscriptions to update a map within a application. View the how-to here.