Represents a data point collected from a vehicle.


Property Type Description
id Integer The internal system identifier for this data point.
timestamp DateTime The time that the data point was collected.
key DataKey The type of data collected.
value String The raw value collected from the vehicle.
translatedValue String The value collected translated into human understandable form. This should only be used for display purposes.

Supported Verbs

  • GET


Returns raw vehicle data for the specified vehicle. By default, the first 50 results are returned.

Query Paths

  • /vehicle/{vehicle-id}/data/
  • /vehicle/{vehicle-id}/data/?key={key-id}
  • /vehicle/{vehicle-id}/data/?mostRecentOnly=true

Query Parameters

Parameter Description
key Allows only specific data types to be returned. See DataKey for the allowable key-id s.
mostRecentOnly If this is present, only the most recently collected data point for each type will be returned.

Call Options

Sortable Yes (by timestamp)
Pageable Yes

Sample JSON Response:

    "data": [
            "id": 8727772,
            "timestamp": "20140116T183654+0000",
            "key": "GEN_WAYPOINT",
            "value": "28.088472,-82.578439",
            "translatedValue": "28.088472,-82.578439"
            "id": 8727773,
            "timestamp": "20140116T183654+0000",
            "key": "GEN_VOLTAGE",
            "value": "12.6",
            "translatedValue": "12.6V"
    "totalRecords": 65070,
    "actions": [
            "name": "next",
            "uri": "",
            "methods": null,
            "inputs": null